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One Punch Man goes on hiatus to ‘do the chapters again’

In a statement shared through the service Tonari no Young Jumpthe drawer Yusuke Murata reported that the manga of “One Punch Man” will go into suspension because the last eight chapters of the work will be done again. Consequently, chapters 240 to 247 are no longer available for reading on the official platform, since Murata is remaking them. What changes will be included in this new edition?

The statement wrote:

  • Thank you very much for your love of the Tonari no Young Jump version of One Punch Man! Regarding the new chapter, we apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like to take a break to review the chapters from 240 onwards. From chapter 240 onwards, previously published on this site, they are now temporarily removed until the corrections are available. What will change after these modifications? I hope you enjoy making some comparisons in the future. We are working very hard for this process, so please look forward to it.

ONE began the publication of “One Punch Man” independently in 2009, and subsequently Yusuke Murata It began publication as a manga in the service Tonari no Young Jump from the publisher Shueisha in June 2012. The work inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios madhouse and released in Fall-2015 (October-December)followed by a twelve-episode second season produced by the studios JCSTAFF and released in Spring-2019 (April-June)plus a third season in production.

And of course, the announcement of this suspension did not go unnoticed:

  • «The fight between the ninjas was hands down better in the webmanga version, so I understand why Murata wasn’t satisfied.».
  • «Imagine having to redo entire plot points twice, when you literally already have the source material from ONE to draw on. Honestly, it doesn’t look good to have such a messy work plan, especially when you’re adapting something.».
  • «At this point I have no idea what’s true, but I’ve heard that ONE is responsible for the story, so any changes Murata makes, or rather suggests, must have been discussed with ONE and approved by him.».
  • «I don’t know how this is getting downvotes, it’s objectively correct. I love this guy’s art and his commitment to executing whatever vision he has. But he is a perfect example of the phrase “it’s faster to take your time to do it the right way once, rather than doing it quickly twice.”».
  • «So rewinding frequently and sometimes completely changing the direction of the narrative as if forcibly using an undo button is just bad. I think that’s fair to say, regardless of who is responsible for that problem. It is a unique privilege that Murata has and one that is greatly abused. No one else could even dream of going back months of work and delaying progress as often as he did. Imagine if that happened with a show, it would be seen as tedious and wasteful. Even if the final product justifies it by being good, it’s a strange, bad precedent to set instead of getting it right the first time.».
  • «If this were any other manga, except maybe Oda, they would be eaten alive for doing something like this. Can you imagine what would happen if Hiro Mashima or Nakaba said “I don’t like the beginning of this arc, forget about the last 4 months of chapters, I’m going to start over”?».
  • «It’s pretty clear that ONE doesn’t want an exact copy of the webcomic, so they’re changing things now that they have the chance.».
  • «As a reminder, chap. 240 is when Saitama, Flashy Flash and Manako/Oculette went to the Hero Association to visit Blast. Which means everything afterward, including Flash and Sonic meeting, will be remade».
  • «I’m not surprised. Honestly, the overall pacing and narrative cohesion of the story has sucked since the second half of the Monster Association arc. I wish they had stuck closer to the story with minor additions like Mob Psycho 100, or even the original webcomic».
  • «I don’t even remember which chapters are real or remade. What is the Emperor Child’s mech like? Did that monster lady die or not? Who knows!».
  • «I don’t know which canon is destroyed more. The one with Genos or the story of One Punch Man».
  • «And now I have one more reason to believe that One and Murata aren’t planning anything at all and don’t seem to know where the fuck they want to take the story. I know that right now they have abandoned the idea of ​​faithfully following the webcomic, but seriously? abandon a perfectly good, ready-made story so you don’t know where to go? Isn’t that a little pathetic?».
  • «Both the art and the story weren’t really the best, redrawing both the art and the story seems to be the norm for One Punch Man now, in fact I wonder if ONE and Murara really know where the fuck the story is going because at this point they don’t They seem to plan anything in advance.».
  • «I understand why Murata might feel like he has to redo the chapters, but this makes it very difficult to feel invested in anything that’s released. How can I get excited about what happens each week if there’s a chance Murata will go back and change it completely? Part of the fun of serialized fiction is the ups and downs of following a weekly series and seeing how the author adapts over time».
  • «It’s also annoying because Murata should be working from a roadmap. We know the webcomic is good. The series will be good if it limits itself to adapting the webcomic. Instead, it goes off on strange tangents that end up requiring these redraws to fix problems».
  • «In the end, the comic is published in print. You do your job so that the end result is that paying customers receive the best story possible. The story basically goes through stages. The webcomic is the script, the manga is published biweekly and is redrawn from time to time. This allows the story to be truly refined, well thought out, coherent and profitable.».
  • «This manga is way ahead of the others. The biweekly calendar is better for the author, because the weekly one is tortuous. It’s better for the reader because it’s usually weekly or monthly and monthly mangas suck. Furthermore, the story is already well done when it is printed on paper and sold. For the fans who don’t spend money to support the artist, the writer and the studio… you have to hold on, brother».
  • «Fantastic. I love when my stories go on hiatus so the author can go back and change things that have already been done (and most of the time the changes are small, meaningless ones), and they already have a base plot to follow anyway. . I love».

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