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Ruri Dragon announces her long-awaited return

On the official Twitter account for the manga written and illustrated by Masaoki ShindoRuri Dragon“, it was announced that The popular work will finally resume in this year’s fourteenth issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine., which will be published in the first week of March. The work will publish five chapters in the magazine (that is, one per week) and On April 22, it will move to the Shonen Jump Plus service to become a fully digital publication with new chapters every two weeks.

Ruri Dragon

It is worth remembering that “Ruri Dragon” became a trend immediately after the start of its publication in June 2022. Unfortunately, the work went into indefinite suspension in August of the same year, just two months after the start of its publication, due to a decline in the author’s health.

However, the affection that the fan community had for the few chapters that were published (and even the first compilation volume is available) It continues to be reflected to this day. It turns out that Ruri Dragon got the ninth position on the list “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024”, which compiles recommendations of the best manga of the moment based on opinions from fans and members of the publishing industry.

Obviously, the fact that “Ruri Dragon” is now moving to Shonen Jump Pluswhere the author Masaoki Shindo will not be obliged to publish a new chapter weekly, It is with the objective that the author is not pressured to meet delivery deadlines. It is clear then that, although the work will resume in March with new weekly chapters, readers should get used to the idea that the work will change its publication schedule in April.

Synopsis of Ruri Dragon

Ruri Aoki is a normal high school student, until one morning she discovers that she has horns growing out of her head. Confused and unimpressed by her change, she shows them to her mother. However, her mother is unfazed and she reveals a surprising truth: Ruri is half-dragon.

Although Ruri doesn’t know what to make of this sudden change, she decides to go to school as usual, hoping that another normal day awaits her. But it doesn’t take long for her best friend, her classmates, and her teacher to realize that something is wrong. Ruri realizes that being half-dragon is going to be much more chaotic than she expected.

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