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LoveLive! saved an otaku from depression

The Twitter user “@Rmrl_l” has been trending recently after sharing a heartwarming video in which he reveals how the franchise of LoveLive! School Idol Projectwas instrumental in helping him overcome depression. In his emotional testimony, the user explains that in 2010 he was struggling with depression due to several factors in his life, including sleep problems. However, everything changed when his father was watching something about “Love Live!” on television, which sparked his interest in the franchise.

The video, narrated with the help of kitten memes, details the different stages the user went through to meet and fall in love with “Love Live!”, until he considered himself cured of depression in 2016. Accompanying the video, the user expressed his gratitude to his father, whom he describes as an “older otaku whom he admired the most,” for introducing him to the franchise that changed his life.

User testimony highlights the positive impact that entertainment content, like “Love Live!”, can have on people’s mental health. The franchise, which revolves around a group of girls who form a group of school-idols, has proven to be a source of inspiration and motivation for many fans, offering stories of friendship, personal improvement and teamwork.

The fact that a person can find comfort and strength in an anime series like “Love Live!” reflects the power of entertainment as a way to escape reality and find an emotional connection with characters and stories. For many fans, these fictional experiences can serve as a safe haven and source of hope during difficult times.

The user’s testimony also highlights the importance of family support in the fight against depression. The fact that his father was a key figure in his recovery process highlights the value of unconditional love and support in times of need.

In short, “@Rmrl_l”’s story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of entertainment and the positive impact it can have on people’s mental health. Her inspiring testimony highlights the importance of seeking help and finding comfort in times of difficulty, and highlights the beauty of human connections and mutual support in the fight against depression..

And finally, the user’s message:

  • The video is an example of greatness and gratitude towards my father, the oldest otaku whom I admired the most. I can’t thank my father enough for the many times he reached out to me, even though I was no longer a child. How can depression be cured so easily? I think it totally depends on each person. I am not completely cured and I am still taking medication. But I can sleep, I am independent and I can study and work.
  • Luckily, my father is still in great health and now I am returning the favor in many ways. Definitely, thanks to my father I am the person I am today, so I want to fulfill any filial duty that comes to mind… I am not going to talk about my mother here, because it would be too complicated. The reason why I don’t attend live shows and read some media is also related to this depression. I’m not a good person to talk about my mother, so I won’t mention her here…
  • I try to control my illness by prioritizing my daily life and limiting my activities to social media. I have heard that this disease is prone to relapses. I am very grateful to everyone who has read this far. I wrote this article for those interested in the aftermath, thanks to my parents, and additional information. I was also happy to be able to talk about my father, whom I admire, on Twitter.

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