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That time a couple’s dispute canceled a manga

In September 2019, the author Morishige announced through its official Twitter account the immediate cancellation of the manga “Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san (Stalker Maid Shirayuki)”, which had been published since May 2018. The work had already gone on hiatus a month before, and Morishige explained the circumstances behind the cancellation of this beloved manga, which To this day it still hurts in the memory of fans.


To begin, Morishige explained that he was not an author, but rather a creative duo made up of a husband and wife.. According to the explanation provided by the husband’s statement, the couple shared responsibility for their various works, with the wife in charge of coloring, the tone of the work and offering suggestions for the manga in question, while the husband was in charge of the meetings. and commercial affairs with the publishing house Akita Shoten.

The problem arose when, starting in March 2019, the wife began posting information on Twitter that, according to the husband, “was not based on reality” about the editorial department for which they and other writers worked, using three different accounts. Despite the husband’s attempts to explain to the editorial department that it was his wife who wrote the tweets, he was unable to stop his actions. Finally, the husband decided to end the “Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san” manga.

The situation caused the couple to now live with “some distance” between them. The husband expressed that he felt responsible for allowing his wife to use the official Twitter account for her own purposes while she continued to make inflammatory statements. It is important to note that, unfortunately, one of the members of the creative duo passed away in July 2020, ruling out any possibility of resumption of the work.

“Oshikake Maid no Shirayuki-san” followed the story of Youichirou Tenkoku and his younger brother, who lived with their father and grew up without their mother. When his father has to go abroad for work, he calls a maid named Shirayuki to take care of the house. Morishige launched the manga in the magazine Bessatsu Shonen Champion in May 2018 and only published a total of two volumes. As mentioned, after the death of one of the members (it is unknown whether it was the husband or wife) in July 2020, there is no longer any chance that the manga will ever return.

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