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Oshi no Ko reveals the cast of its next live-action

In mid-December, in a cafe in the city center, a particular play was being filmed with about 50 crew members, the actor being Kaito Sakurai the center of attention. Sakurai-san began her acting career in 2019 while working in an indie band. In September of this year, he left the band because it was “difficult to balance acting and music.” An exclusive from the Shukan Josei Prime then revealed that the recordings of a live-action film and series produced by Toei and distributed by Amazon Prime Video They have already started for the project “Oshi no Ko“.

Sakurai-san dyed her hair blonde and wore a cardigan over her shoulders. In the same scene, Kaname Jun looked great in a suit, but what kind of photoshoot was she having? According to a source from the production company, Sakurai plays the main character, Aqua Hoshino, while Kaname plays the role of the video producer who appears in the play.

The manga of “Oshi no Ko” is currently being serialized in Weekly Young Jump and is a very popular work that has sold over 15 million copies in total. The plot follows Aqua and her younger sister Ruby, who are the twin children of once-charismatic idol Ai Hoshino. However, Aqua and Ruby are reincarnated with memories of their previous lives. The story follows Ai’s murder by a stalker when the twins were babies, and an adult Aqua infiltrates the entertainment industry to discover the truth behind Ai’s death.

The work became an anime in the season of Spring-2023 (April-June) and quickly gained recognition, becoming an extremely popular work. The song “Idol” performed by the popular musical unit “YOASOBI” was chosen as the anime’s theme song and became a huge hit. With the positive response to the theme song, the anime became a huge hit. When the decision to produce a second season of the anime was announced, the word “Oshi no Ko” became the most popular term around the world. Since it’s a live-action adaptation of a popular play, it seems like they’re putting a lot of effort into casting.

Apparently, the movie is being filmed with Ai as the lead, while the series focuses on Aqua. Both the movie and the streaming drama are scheduled to be released in 2025, and the second season of the anime is also scheduled to air in 2024, so the “Oshi no Ko boom” will continue for a while.

The cast that could be confirmed so far includes:

  • Asuka Saitoformer member of Nogizaka46, as Ai Hoshino.
  • Nagisa Saitoformer member of =LOVE, as Ruby Hoshino
  • Kaito Sakuraiformer member of Inner Journey, as Aqua Hoshino.
  • Shimizu Ayanowho will be performing at this year’s Kōhaku Uta Gassen, as Mem-cho.
  • Nanoka Haralike Kana Arima.
  • Other actors include Nobuaki Kaneko and the model and actress Mizuki Kayashima.

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