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Popular Ruri Dragon manga could resume in 2024

As we have already mentioned in some previous articles, Ruri Dragon It is a manga written and illustrated by Masaoki Shindo which became a trend immediately after the start of its publication in June 2022. Unfortunately, the work went into indefinite suspension in August of the same year, just two months after the start of its publication, due to a decline in the author’s health.

Ruri Dragon

Manga authors often face health challenges due to the intense demands and fast pace of work in the industry. The manga creation process involves tight deadlines, late nights, and constant pressure to meet publication schedules. The combination of tight deadlines, editorial pressure, long work hours, and quality expectations can have a significant impact on the health of manga authors.

Of course, these health problems generally appear in authors who have been publishing in weekly serialization magazines for quite some time. However, it turns out that Ruri Dragon was Masaoki Shindo’s first serialized work, so it was a real shame that, on his first opportunity, something as big as an almost immediate suspension happened.

However, the affection that the fan community had for the few chapters that were published (and even the first compilation volume is available) continues to be reflected to this day. It turns out that Ruri Dragon got the ninth position in the list “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024”which compiles recommendations of the best manga of the moment based on opinions from fans and members of the publishing industry.

This recognition practically forced the author Masaoki Shindo to break the silence about the suspension of the work and, after more than ten months, he finally published a new update on Twitter promising that he will do his best to have “good news” in 2024:

  • «We received ninth place in the men’s list “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024”, published today. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in the selection. We will continue to do our best to deliver good news to everyone. Next, a message from Shindo-sensei: “I’m sorry I haven’t given you updates in a while. I am currently in good health. I will do my best to deliver good news to you next year».

Synopsis of Ruri Dragon

Ruri Aoki is a normal high school student, until one morning she discovers that she has horns growing out of her head. Confused and unimpressed by her change, she shows them to her mother. However, her mother is unfazed and she reveals a surprising truth: Ruri is half-dragon.

Although Ruri doesn’t know what to make of this sudden change, she decides to go to school as usual, hoping that another normal day awaits her. But it doesn’t take long for her best friend, her classmates, and her teacher to realize that something is wrong. Ruri realizes that being half-dragon is going to be much more chaotic than she expected.

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