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They ask for death penalty for Kyoto Animation attacker

In the twenty-second trial of the case of Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation’s First Building of 2019, which resulted in the tragic death of 36 people and left another 32 seriously injured, Prosecutors sought the death penalty for Shinji Aoba, 45, the unemployed defendant charged with murder and other crimes. The hearing was held at the Kyoto District Court on December 7, with the prosecution highlighting that this was the highest number of victims in a murder case since the Heisei era.

The main focus of the debate was the defendant’s capacity for criminal responsibility and its degree. The hearing concluded with the defense’s closing arguments and the defendant’s closing statements in the afternoon of the same day. The verdict is scheduled for January 25 of next year.

Kyoto Animation

In previous trials, the prosecution maintained that the defendant bore full responsibility for the crime. At the trial on December 6, he clearly apologized to the affected families for the first time, expressing his regret. The defense is seeking acquittal or a reduced sentence, arguing that the defendant could not be held responsible at the time of the incident.

This tragic event has left an indelible mark on the anime industry, especially Kyoto Animation, a renowned studio known for acclaimed productions such as “Violet Evergarden” and “K-On!“, just to mention a few. The loss of life and emotional impact on the anime community has sparked reflections on studio safety and the need for preventative measures.

Regarding the death penalty in Japan, it is a controversial topic. The country has faced international criticism for its continued practice of capital punishment, and this case will intensify debate over the effectiveness and ethics of this punitive measure. Society has long been divided on the issue, with advocates arguing for the need for severe sanctions in extreme cases, while opponents advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, highlighting concerns about the possibility of miscarriages of justice and the violation of fundamental human rights.

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