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SPY x FAMILY would begin a serious arc about Anya Forger

While the second season of the anime is airing, the manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, SPY x FAMILY, continues to garner its popularity. Recently, the author paused between the advancement of the plot to offer the chapter “Short Mission 11“, a short chapter.

Generally these chapters tell short stories not related to the main plot and starring secondary characters from the franchise, but This new installment returned a long time to the past to show a story starring Anya Forger. In the short chapter, Anya asks Loid to have a plaque with her name on the door of her room, but she writes it as “ANIA“.

Loid informs him that that is the wrong way to write his name, so the plate is changed to “ANYA“, and the chapter closes with the little girl thinking about her own name.

But that is not all, Tatsuya Endo himself included a promotional image of the manga starring Anya Forger herselfwho holds her chimera stuffed animal before what appears to be the doors of the orphanage where Loid found her.

It was certainly a surprise for SPY x FAMILY fans, especially since It seems that this chapter will serve to introduce a new plot arc which will star Anya Forger. What’s coming for the manga? Fans began to debate about it:

  • «Get ready, the sad feelings are coming».
  • «I wonder how Loid and Yor will react when they find out the truth behind Anya?».
  • «Her eyes looked dull when she wrote ANIA, but they regained their color when she realized that she is now ANYA. I’m not ready for what’s coming, I’m sure Bond will also play a key role».
  • «I think he didn’t write ANIA, but AN1A, perhaps what he remembered it saying on his lab plate. Maybe something like “Anomaly Number 1A”?».
  • «If you read the first chapter, the old man is calling her Anya and she was escaping from his laboratory. Maybe she told her guy her name, and Anya misheard it.».
  • «The lore is coming. Everyone should hold on to their seats and prepare for a tragic journey».
  • «This is very sad. Could it be that ANIA was what was written on her cell when she was still an object of experimentation?».
  • «My theory is that Anya had a code name in the lab, which was AN-1A, and that she thought it was ANIA».
  • «Loid and Yor already had their arcs where their backgrounds were explained, it was evident that Anya had to be next».

And that does not seem to be all, since the author himself Tatsuya Endo shared a special illustration through his official Twitter account also starring Anya Forger. In the past, SPY x FAMILY has begun its major story arcs with special illustrations of this type, which would confirm that Anya Forger will be the protagonist.

It looks like we’re about to learn how Anya’s name was chosen, and to uncover this story, we’ll have to look into Anya’s past. Of course, SPY x FAMILY has given us some insight into the girl’s dark history. She is clearly telepathic and was adopted several times from an orphanage. As far as we know, Anya barely remembers her real family, but her thoughts about that past of hers have seriously made her cry. The manga also suggests that Anya was subjected to harsh scientific experiments that likely caused her telepathy. And if all the fan theories are right, it seems that the program that created Anya’s power was somehow run by the Desmond family.

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