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Naruto will have a live-action in Hollywood

Nearly a decade after the project’s initial announcement, the highly anticipated live-action film naruto receives an exciting update. The original manga, created by Masashi Kishimotohas captivated fans for years with the story of its main character, who longs to become the Hokage of his village. Lionsgate announced the production of a live-action movie in 2015, but since then, the project has remained relatively silent. However, Variety now reports that screenwriter Tasha Huo is in charge of writing the script for the long-awaited Naruto adaptation.


In her own words, Tasha Huo expressed her excitement about working on adaptations of characters and stories she already loves. “Adapting iconic characters or intellectual properties makes writing easier, because the passion for writing is already present.” This deep connection to the stories and characters he is adapting serves as a motivating force in his creativity. Huo also shared his perspective on the action-adventure genre, seeing it as a powerful vehicle for exploring intimate human stories. Inspired by films like “Gladiator,” which combine action with deeper themes, Huo seeks to incorporate this approach into her projects. “It gives you a great vehicle to tell big themes about human nature within the show.“.

He Naruto’s original manga is extensive, with 700 chapters telling the entire story. The ninja adventure series is compared to another epic, “one piece“, whose live-action television adaptation in Netflix was successful enough to be renewed for a second season. Fidelity to the source material was key to the success of “One Piece,” and is a crucial point that Huo seeks to address in the Naruto adaptation. “For Naruto to work as a live-action project, Huo’s script must reflect Kishimoto’s original work, keeping its story and characters intact.“, highlights Variety.

Tasha Huo sees the adaptation of Naruto as an exciting challenge, considering the vast ninja world, complex characters and epic plot of the original series. As a Naruto fan, she is honored to help bring this story to the big screen and bring to life the characters she has loved for so long. It promises to maintain the essence of the series while exploring deeper themes, a prospect that is sure to excite fans. With the focus on fidelity to the source material and Huo’s focus on exploring deeper themes, this adaptation promises to be exciting news for fans. The audience, both old-timers and the new generation of fans, are looking forward to the ninja journey that will undoubtedly be exciting and full of magic.

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