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Author of HUNTER x HUNTER would have revealed the end of the manga

A recent leak has shaken the fan community of HUNTER x HUNTER by revealing alleged details about the expected end of the manga. According to the leak, the author Yoshihiro Togashi He reportedly participated in an interview for a Japanese television program, where he discussed his plans to conclude the story.


Although the veracity of the interview has not been independently confirmed, the Twitter user “@Pewpiece” claims to have evidence, providing a transcript detailing possible scenarios for the outcome. In the supposed interview, Togashi reveals that he has prepared three scenarios, called A, B, and C, considering readers’ reactions.

According to the leak, scenario A is considered satisfactory for 50% of readers, while B will be neutral and C will be mostly unsatisfactory. However, Scenario D is striking, which Togashi describes as an option that could be the end if he is unable to complete the manga before his death:

  • Scenario D: By the lake, a girl named Jin, with a fishing rod in her hand, remains motionless. Suddenly, the reed shakes violently, and Jin, startled, exclaims, “I hit it! “I have caught the lord of the lake.” Jin skillfully lifts the lake lord onto her shoulders and, standing before a woman, exclaims, “As promised, I have captured the lake lord! Mother”. Jin approaches the woman and passionately declares, “You must not tell me again that I have to become a hunter.”
  • The woman, now without tricks, nods her head. Jin, still carrying the lake lord on her shoulder, walks away from her. Her mother tells her husband that Jin’s dream is to never leave the island and inherit her place. The father nods, laughing, and the mother expresses her displeasure, saying, “Maybe his wishes will change later. But I want to know, you and Jin, why are you like this? I’m sure it’s because of the blood of Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko.’
  • The woman seems unaware that Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko are not related by blood, and the father smiles knowingly. The woman, expressing her lack of will as her mother, adds: ‘But Grandpa Gon was a famous hunter… and this girl will leave the island one day.’ Jin insists, ‘I will never leave!’ Although she is no longer seen in the heart of the forest, she overhears her parents’ conversation and responds defiantly. Her father, amused, tells her: “You have a good eye.”
  • The scene changes to the store continuing its work from Mito’s days. The lord of the lake has been cleanly cut and its internal parts tidied up. Jin thinks as he works, “Mom never understands.” When Grandpa talks happily about his hunter memories, Grandma Noko silently moves away from her seat. Every time Grandpa Gon affirms, someone’s belief is heard. He hits the cutting board hard with a knife to wait for someone’s return after months and years of sadness breaks my heart. Then he opens the door and a warm voice resonates. A chubby boy enters with a plant in his hand.
  • The boy exclaims: “I have really caught the lord of the lake! Well, let’s honor the entire island with it! Jin replies, ‘I’ve always… always wanted to be with the person I want to be with. Together forever”. The boy nods: “Yes!” Both of them, with wide smiles on their faces, cook the food. A bird flies away from the island, over a town and its people. The son of one of them, the daughter of another and the grandson of another live in different places, exchanging smiles. They could be the children of that character and the grandchildren of that other. The bird flies into the distance. In the background, a figure observes the scene.”

The transcript provided by “@Pewpiece” reveals details about Togashi’s thoughts regarding the different endings and his desire to provide a satisfying ending for fans, even if he cannot personally finish the story.

It’s important pointing that The veracity of this information has not yet been confirmed by official sources.. HUNTER x HUNTER fans are eagerly awaiting any official statement from Yoshihiro Togashi or his editorial team.

Fountain: @pewpiece on Twitter

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