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Tower of God anime will return in 2024

During the event AnimeNYC 2023 A special promotional video was revealed for the anime adaptation of the webtoon written and illustrated by SIU, Tower of God. The video confirms that the premiere is scheduled for the season of Summer-2024 (July-September)but it still does not confirm whether the studies Telecom Animation Film They will continue to be in charge of the animation.

On the other hand, SIU publishes the webtoon Tower of God through the service Naver Webtoon since 2010. The work inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios Telecom Animation Filmunder the direction of Takashi Sana and scripts written by Erika Yoshidareleased in April 2020. The original work has undergone multiple suspensions due to the author’s constant physical exhaustion.

Tower of God Synopsis

There is a tower that summons chosen people called “Regulars” with the promise of granting their deepest wishes. Whether it’s wealth, fame, authority, or something that surpasses them all, it all awaits those who make it to the top. Bam is a boy who had only known a dark cave, a dirty cloth, and an unattainable light his entire life. Then, when a girl named Rachel approached him through the light, his entire world changed.

Becoming close friends with Rachel, he learned several things about the outside world from her. But when Rachel says she must leave him to climb the Tower, her world shatters around her. Vowing to follow her no matter what it takes, she sets her sights on the tower and a miracle occurs. Thus begins the journey of Bam, a young man who was not chosen by the Tower, but opened its doors by himself. They call their species “Irregulars”, beings who have shaken the foundations of the Tower every time they set foot inside it.

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