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Artist asks Japanese to have more sex

The singer Gakuto Oshiroknown as GACKT, has caused a stir on social media in Japan with his recent posts on Twitter. The famous performer, whose music has left its mark on video games such as “Final Fantasy VII“, anime movies like “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” and television series, shared two messages that quickly became a trend in the comment forums.

In his first tweet, GACKT expressed: “Not to change the subject, but did you know that 40% of twenty-somethings in Japan are virgins? Everyone should have more sex! Why are there 40% virgins at age 20? Explain it to me!» This statement sparked intense discussion online.


In his second publication, the artist reflected on the problem of suicide in Japan, which affects thousands of people every year. He wrote: “In Japan, 30,000 people die a year, even if there is no war. Isn’t love what is missing in Japan, where there are so many suicides? People can live if they feel love. People decide to die when they feel that no one needs or wants them, and that they will probably never be loved. People can only love others as much as they can love themselves. Let’s love ourselves first. From all my heart». These words struck a chord among Internet users.


GACKT’s publications become especially relevant at a time when Japan faces a birth crisis with a decline in the number of births and a worrying suicide rate. Despite the efforts of administrations to address these problems, the situation has not improved significantly.

And of course, his words were not going to go unnoticed in the forums:

  • «You’ve really become a troublemaker, haven’t you? But he is right».
  • «Why don’t you let the rest of us do what we want?».
  • «Wow, now everyone wants to solve everyone’s problems».
  • «Well forgive me for being a virgin, I’m sorry».
  • «Proof that artists get bored easily out there».
  • «Wouldn’t this be considered hate speech?».
  • «I don’t understand, what problem do you have with virgins? Are they less valuable as people because they are virgins?».
  • «Good job to all those women who maintained their virginity for two decades!».
  • «The handsome can survive in society with the weapon of their appearance, while the ugly have to do so with the weapon of money. It’s like entering a war with a water gun!».
  • «That is an absolute lie! In the current situation, it is impossible to live a normal life!».
  • «I had the feeling that GACKT would say something like “being a virgin is okay, don’t be ashamed,” and he came out with this».

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