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Dragon Ball Daima will have 20 episodes and dubbing into Latin Spanish

Through a statement from the director of licensing Toei Animation, Daniel Castanedait was confirmed that Dragon Ball Daimathe next original project in the franchise dragon ballwill be a twenty-episode anime series that Its premiere is scheduled for October 2024..

Castañeda also pointed out thatdue to the short duration of this series compared to its predecessors, It is intended to distribute a simuldub to Latin Spanish (that is, the episodes dubbed into Latin Spanish are broadcast almost at the same time as the episodes in Japanese).

«Usually all the productions we have are first released in Japan and about six months later we release them internationally because we wait until we have 26 chapters to start dubbing and so on; and we can now release them in other territories. This is the first time we are going to launch a worldwide series at the same time. Production is already underway and I estimate that we will have it finished around May of next year. We are going into dubbing to be released worldwide in October 2024. For open TV, it is most likely that we will release it in January 2025.», he commented.

The phenomenon of dragon ball began in 1984 when the well-known Japanese manga of Akira Toriyama premiered in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of Shueisha, becoming a top-level title throughout its ten and a half years of publication. Since then, the manga’s popularity has continued to grow with a staggering record of 260 million copies sold worldwide and counting.

And with the increasing popularity of dragon ball, has expanded beyond manga to include television animation, films, games, and merchandise. Now, 39 years after the release of the original manga, dragon ball continues to evolve and reach new heights.

Description of Dragon Ball Daima by Akira Toriyama

Hello, I’m Akira Toriyama. I’m currently working on a new Dragon Ball. The title is “Dragon Ball DAIMA”. “DAIMA” is a compound term, which in Japanese would mean “evil.” Due to a conspiracy, Son Goku and his friends are turned into children. To set things right, they head to a new world! It is a great adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.

Because Son Goku has to cope with his small size, he once again uses the “Magic Staff” to fight, something that has not been seen in a long time. I came up with the story and the settings, as well as a lot of the designs. I’m currently working hard, harder than usual! Things will develop that will solve the mysteries of the Dragon Ball world. I hope you enjoy these battles that are different from usual, adorable and powerful!

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