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VTuber records himself going to the bathroom by accident

In a surprising turn of events, a Japanese VTuber has created a stir on Japan’s comment boards over an unusual incident during one of her live streams. The VTuber, whose identity has not yet been confirmed due to the large number of virtual personalities on the current scene, became a trend after an episode that left her viewers speechless.

During a seemingly routine break, the VTuber forgot to mute her microphone before retiring to the bathroom. To everyone’s surprise, the sounds of his bathroom visit were broadcast live and at full volume for his audience. Fortunately, viewers were met with not-too-compromising sounds, which alleviated a potentially embarrassing situation.

The reactions of the audience have been varied. Some suggest that this incident could have been intentionally orchestrated to attract attention and go viral. Others, however, take a more optimistic perspective and argue that the intensity of the sounds could at least confirm that behind the VTuber avatar is a real woman.

However, due to the abundance of VTubers today and the lack of confirmation about the identity of the protagonist of this incident, the mystery persists. This episode once again demonstrates the growing influence of VTubers in Japanese digital culture and how unexpected situations can lead to a trending phenomenon in a matter of minutes.

And finally, let’s review the comments from the Japanese community:

  • «It seems to me that this was on purpose».
  • «Beautiful girl, but it seems like you have to turn her up quite a bit to hear properly».
  • «In any case, she could still be an ugly or quite old woman.».
  • «I’m a little confused, it doesn’t look like he washed his hands.».
  • «It seems like the bathroom is too close, don’t you think?».
  • «Our country has an abnormal sexual desire recently».
  • «I think it was all very orchestrated, I am a woman and when I go to the bathroom to urinate, some gas or other usually comes out.».
  • «Oh sure, he has known how to silence the microphone on all previous occasions except this one, I think that VTubers have less and less dignity if that is about going viral».

Fountain: Yaraon!

Update: Thanks to the hashtag we can confirm that it is NIJISANJI’s VTuber, Yukishiro Mahiro.

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