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Oshi no Ko: Ai Hoshino returns to life as a sex doll

The distributor naked doll recently became a trend after offering the public a sex doll based on the popular character Ai Hoshino of the franchise Oshi no Ko. The sex doll is completely customizable and is manufactured according to the production order, that is, according to how the buyer wants it.

Now, Nake Doll offers Oshi no Ko fans the opportunity to “get up close” to their favorite idol. With this sex doll there is a lot to do even before buying it, but it is better that we see step by step how customizable this product is. With a base price of US$699 (if ordered with all manufacturer-recommended features), modification options are as follows:

  • Height: 140cm; 145cm (+50USD); 150cm (+100USD); 158cm (+180USD); 165cm (+250USD); 170 cm (+300 USD).
  • Skin color: Default (shown in photographs); White; Natural; Lightly tanned; Tanned; Black.
  • Eye color: Default (shown in photographs); Blue; Green; Coffee; Black.
  • Areola size: Normal; Large (+20 USD); Long nipples (+35 USD).
  • Areola color: Pink; Skin color; Lightly brown; Dark coffee.
  • Skeleton type: Normal; Shrug ($75+); Yoga skeleton (+150 USD).
  • Breast type: Normal; Hollow breasts (+100 USD); Breasts with gelatinous filling (+150 USD).
  • Nail Color: Natural nails; Pink nails; Nails with customization tools included (+30 USD).
  • Vagina type: Fixed vagina; Removable vagina (+35 USD).
  • Pubic hair type: No pubic hair; Implanted pubic hair (+50 USD); Lots of pubic hair implanted (+100 USD).
  • Feet type: Normal feet; Structured feet (allow it to stand up and stand on its own) (+35 USD).
  • Temperature control: No temperature control; Temperature control system inside the body (+125 USD); Thermal blanket included (+125 USD).
  • Adapter for temperature control: Default; American Adapter (+15 USD); European Adapter (+15 USD); British Adapter (+15 USD).
  • Smart voice: Without voice; Moaning system (+150 USD).
  • Storage system: No storage system; Storage hook (+30 USD); Adjustable sex doll stand (+300 USD); Dust cover (+20 USD).
  • Travel system:No travel features; Folding version (+150 USD); Folding version and special briefcase (+300 USD); Flight case (+800 USD).
  • Other optional accessories: Normal size penis (+50 USD); Normal size flaccid penis (+50 USD); Small penis (+45 USD); Removable tongue (+35 USD); Extra heating rod (+10 USD); Piercings in different areas of the body (+10 USD); Wig stand (+35 USD); Head stand (+30 USD); Cleaning set (+10 USD); Lubricant applicator (+10 USD); Internal drying rods (+25 USD); Moisture protective blanket (+75 USD).
  • Repair kit: Without repair accessories; Special glue for the material (+15 USD); Stain Remover (+15 USD); Extra material for repair (+15 USD); Cosmetic set (+50 USD).
  • Other clothing accessories: Women’s glasses (+20 USD); Office glasses (+20 USD); Lingerie (+20 USD).
  • Additional clothing: None; Home clothing (+75 USD); Office attire (+75 USD); Schoolgirl Outfit (+75 USD); Sweatshirt (+75 USD); Sleep lingerie (+75 USD); Sexy nurse outfit (+75 USD); Two-piece bikini (+75 USD).

Yes, there are a lot of features that you can change about this product, don’t you think? That is why they are made to order, and also why their price can rise to stratospheric prices. Finally, let’s review what the manufacturer has to say:

  • If you are a fan of Oshi no Ko, this is your moment to rejoice, because we offer you this Ai Hoshino sex doll! Take it home today before someone else snatches it from you. If you are a fan of Oshi no Ko, you will love what awaits you! Now you can have your favorite character, Ai Hoshino, by your side, in the form of an erotic doll! You will no longer have to cry for her tragic end in the anime, because she will be alive and in the flesh as a love doll.
  • But before you take it home, let’s do a brief review of the history of the main member of the missing group. B-Komachi, do you think? Ai Hoshino was an orphan and had a tough childhood. Often harassed and mistreated, she never felt like she belonged anywhere. But her life took a turn when an entertainment agency selected her to become an idol when she was only 16 years old. At first, Ai was not good as an idol. She was unprofessional and clumsy, she didn’t care about her fans or the media. But she began to grow as an idol. She learned to act and connect with her fans, which led her to become one of the most popular idols in Japan.
  • Ai Hoshino was a beautiful woman. She had a slim and delicate figure, long purple hair and gradient eyes. She is also kind and compassionate, but reserved, all captured in our sex doll! Her likeness is uncanny, from her vibrant mane to her tantalizing gaze. With his presence by your side, you will never feel like he is gone forever.
  • And the best? You will have the opportunity to be his sexual partner. Treat her well in front of a lot of people, but be the naughty owner of her when you are both in bed. It doesn’t matter how you want to treat her. She will adore you and give you everything you want, whatever it may be! Now, are you ready to be Ai Hoshino’s lover in real life? If so, you know what you have to do.

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