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BLEACH: Fans regret that a sensual Orihime scene was omitted

Although the anime BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War – The Separation It has been considered a good adaptation project with excellent animation, It cannot be avoided that a variety of moments from the manga are omitted due to the large number of chapters that remain to be adapted. One of the moments that had to be omitted and that weighed the most on fans was an ecchi scene involving Orihime Inoue’s huge breasts and her erotic outfit.

The scene in question occurs in Chapter 589 of the original manga, when Ichigo is asked for his opinion on Orihime’s new outfit. Blushing, Ichigo mentions that he thinks she is showing too much skin, which shocks Orihime, who begins to believe that Ichigo considered her “unpleasant and exhibitionist.” As she babbles pointing out that she was tricked into wearing this outfit, a hand appears between her breasts and asks her to calm down, it is Yoruichi Shihouin, who immediately scolds Ichigo for his lack of tact.


It is a comical and ecchi scene that unfortunately had to be omitted from the anime adaptation, although one of the animators shared a storyboard of the scene, accompanied by the following message: «Thank you very much for watching Episode 22 of BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War! I watched it live with my wife, but I still had a lot of fun. I really liked this scene when I looked at it in the manga, but when I checked the episode’s storyboard, it wasn’t there! I would have really liked to see Orihime with that funny face of hers, so I had to draw her at least».


In fact, the author himself Tite Kubo He regretted that the scene had not been animated, as he revealed in a post from his fan club, where he wrote: “Watching this week’s episode, I said the phrase “it airs late at night, so it shouldn’t be a problem!” about three times. The sequence after Yoruichi’s appearance was too lewd, so it wasn’t approved, too bad. I really liked his expression when he is looking down on Ichigo.».

And of course, there was no shortage of comments about it:

  • «The scene is probably present on the Blu-ray, or at least I hope so».
  • «Well, the author is justified in presenting his complaint, unlike his carcinogenic fandom.».
  • «I mean, I understand why Disney didn’t want that kind of content on their platform, but shouldn’t there be a version for Japan?».
  • «I don’t understand why they don’t make all the characters over 18 and avoid problems. Seriously, there are so many people concerned about the age of fictional characters that unfortunately puts more and more pressure on the industry.».
  • «BLEACH fans still behave like children who need to be protected all the time».
  • «Although I am very sorry, I completely understand».
  • «It really sounds like a good opportunity for fans to buy the Blu-ray, the Japanese are just pathetic when it comes to doing business».
  • «It makes sense that the author feels cheated, he advocated a lot for the series to air late at night and now it turns out that there are scenes that could not be animated».
  • «It’s not like Pierrot is very distinguished for animating ecchi scenes, unfortunately».
  • «This is all thanks to the sensitive bastards in the West who can’t help but feel offended when they look at a pair of tits. At least Japanese otakus get turned on by seeing a pair of tits, but Westerners prefer to be offended».

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