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Author of One Piece banned romance in live-action

Steven Maedathe producer of the live-action version of the series one piece, has responded to fan expectations regarding certain future events. The live-action version of One Piece, which premiered in Netflix on August 31, has been well received by critics and audiences alike, and manga fans around the world continue to talk about it on the Internet.

Something that has captivated fans who have watched the series more than they could imagine is the great chemistry that exists between Zoro and Nami, played by Arata Mackenyu and Emily Rudd.. Watching their different conversations throughout different scenes of the series, the spectators (especially those who are not fans of the original work) may sympathize with the desire to see a future romance between the two.

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However, according to producer Steven Maeda, interviewed by TVLine, it seems unlikely that their relationship will develop beyond friendship. The producer commented on it: «One of author Eiichiro Oda’s conditions for the live-action adaptation was that there be no romance between the team members. As long as it’s a manga work called One Piece and a live-action adaptation of it, it’s hard for the Straw Hat crew to have a romantic relationship. Consequently, it is impossible for a romantic relationship to develop between Zoro and Nami.».

And he added: «It’s just that the chemistry between Mackenyu and Emily was good, there was no intention to make it seem like a romantic element.. You are free to read and feel what you want from the series. That’s the fun of watching a TV show». Although he was adamant that he did not intend to portray a romantic relationship, Maeda himself seems to agree that the chemistry between Mackenyu and Emily seems to be good.

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