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Hinata Hyuga joins the Akatsuki Clan in an erotic figure

The renowned manufacturer YOMI STUDIO and the distinguished distributor orzGK team up once again to introduce an amazing addition to their line of standalone figures:Hinata Hyuga in an impressive 1/6 scale! Capturing the essence of the franchise’s beloved heroine, this figure Naruto: Shippuudenis bound to captivate fans with her mature appearance and detailed Akatsuki Clan attire.

Scheduled to make its grand entrance in the fourth quarter of the exciting year 2023, the figure of Hinata Hyuga stands majestically at a height of 340 millimeters. It features a meticulous design that highlights not only the characteristic features of the brave ninja, but also her inner essence. Decked out in Akatsuki Clan garb, this figure showcases Hinata in a way never seen before. The outfit, with a distinctive open front, reveals black lingerie made of fabric that adds a hint of intrigue. But that is not all! Admirers of this figure will be able to remove the lingerie to appreciate Hinata in all her nudity, reflecting the attention to detail and commitment to authenticity that YOMI STUDIO is known for.

This unique creation not only pays homage to the charm of the original character, but also highlights his prowess as a ninja. Meticulously crafted details such as fishnet stockings and other elements that evoke her distinctive abilities add a level of realism that will delight connoisseurs and collectors alike.

  • Look at the photos of the nude version here and here.

Demand for this figure has exceeded all expectations, demonstrating the depth of love Naruto fans feel for Hinata Hyuga. Her character has evolved throughout the series, from being a timid and insecure ninja to a brave and determined woman. Her story of self-improvement and her unwavering love for Naruto have made her a beloved icon for many.

Despite initial stock quickly depleting due to its overwhelming popularity, fans still have the opportunity to secure their own figure by pre-ordering it with a deposit of just $67. Distributor orzGK has announced that it is hard at work bringing a new batch of stock to meet the growing demand from fans eager to add this masterpiece to their collections.

In short, the Hinata Hyuga 1/6 Scale Standalone Figure, brought to you by YOMI STUDIO and distributed by orzGK, is much more than just a visual representation. Naruto: Shippuuden fans and collecting enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in Q4 2023. Don’t miss your chance to witness the magic of Hinata Hyuga in the form of an extraordinary figure!

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