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Boruto Fans ‘Fixed’ Sarada Uchiha’s New Design

This weekend we finally witnessed the return of the manga written by Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This new arc includes a temporary jump and changes its name to Boruto: Two Blue Vortexand we all know that, like its predecessor, the introduction of a time skip also includes the introduction of new character designs.

Of course, the design of the protagonist Boruto Uzumaki immediately became a trend, but this was immediately surpassed by the new design of Sarada Uchiha, as we previously reported. Her outfit and her haircut were quite surprising and some came to compare her style with that of the popular protagonist of the Bayonetta franchise. Unfortunately, while many were excited and celebrating the new redesign, others were pretty loathing it.

This is how we got to those who bring us together today, as it turns out that a Reddit user shared a ‘redesign’ of the character based on the negative reviews gathered through social networks. This came as a real surprise to fans, as the redesign somehow “looks worse” than the original design in the words of a variety of fans on comment boards.

But where better to see the reactions of the fans than by reviewing the colorful comments that surrounded this harmless illustration:

  • «The original design is so ugly that even if someone has edited it, it can’t even be corrected. The design and the concept itself is terrible».
  • «I even read somewhere that he wore off the shoulder in honor of his uncle Itachi. But yes, the design is well sexualized, he looks too mature, as if he had had ninja adventures in a porn video game».
  • «They don’t like Sarada’s design because it doesn’t even look like the Sarada they showed at the beginning, when they announced this new manga».
  • «I may be getting the hate for this franchise, but yeah, it’s a female Sasuke.».
  • «The original is better than any generic redesign. I don’t understand where they see him sexualized, just to show men? It is noticeable that they do not interact with women, Sarada’s design is not revealing compared to how girls dress today».
  • «The design itself of clothing and hairstyle is not bad. The problem comes from the fact that this design is more for an adult or mature woman, on a young woman it looks strange».
  • «Makeup doesn’t help either. Also Sarada already looked like a prostitute in the original manga».
  • «I think the residence is better than the original. The original looks like those corner chicks you pay for a good time».
  • «It’s that short hair is fine, but he should have given it another style».
  • «It looks good, I would suggest adding a chainmail shirt and a bandage on the leg where he has his ninja kit».
  • «Honestly, the only thing I disliked about his new design was that he never pulled his jacket up. Like the one shoulder thing bothered me a lot».
  • «Looks like he just came out of a burnout tournament».
  • «I don’t know, part of the reason I liked the design is because it’s not what I expected. Short hair is nice for a change, plus it makes more sense in combat. My only issue is that it’s a little too revealing, but I do like baggy leg warmers.».
  • «Wow, how much hair changes. Better. thank you stranger».
  • «This design is on another level. She looks like a ninja instead of a prostitute, I think that’s not what Ikemoto wants. great job i love it».
  • «I know it’s fiction, but for her or any ninja to fight in high heels is nonsense. It makes perfect sense if the idea is to make a 15/16 year old girl look erotic while fighting the gods.».
  • «Boruto essentially lost the ninja aspect of the Naruto universe. Sarada’s design is basically that of a Japanese gyaru, which may be a good or a bad thing for some. Then again, most of the girls in Boruto are more runway models than ninjas.».
  • «Nice redesign. Boots really change everything in a good way. Because what the fuck were those socks? I would make your underwear a turtleneck instead of a T-shirt. And I would give him pants. The kunai sheath is better to use the old design with bandages. At least it breaks away from the generic holster design. I like shorter hair. Pedomoto has an obsession with curly, wavy and fluffy hair. Sarada’s hair is straight and spiky.».
  • «I would have preferred a slightly longer short and remove the choker but the hair was fine as it is, in fact it is the part that I liked of its design».
  • «Fuck you feminists! Why am I not seeing redesigns of the men? You prudes!».
  • «No offense, but I prefer the original design. Here she looks like an extremely generic ninja, like female Denki or like she could be on the team of Namida, Wasabi and Sumire. The original design is intended to be imposing, as an important diplomatic figure who could become hokage, is the princess of the Uchiha. She this is any girl who likes red».

The above is not the only redesign that disgruntled fans have suggested, delight in the proposals of Western users who are not happy with the new Sarada Uchiha:

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