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A trans cosplayer spreads terror among children in Japan

A recent incident in a national park in which an elderly transgender man was seen wearing a suit Pretty Cure (PreCure) has led to a warning from Toei Animation and the official PreCure Twitter account. The situation took place in the Hitachi Seaside Park, where the person in question was observed interacting with girls while wearing an unofficial costume from the franchise.

Initially, several park visitors did not perceive the person’s actions as malicious. However, concerns were raised after Twitter users discovered the person’s profile and the messages they had posted. These tweets included statements like “Today was a great day“, “the girls hugged me“, “I hugged them“, “The girls were very mature” and “They mistook me for the staff“.


Twitter users quickly discovered that the person in the PreCure suit was an elderly transgender man with a fetish for dressing like a little girl. This person also revealed that she was an operated transgender woman after undergoing the procedure in Thailand for a cost of 1.6 million yen (just over 11 thousand US dollars).


Due to the lack of regulations at the government-run Hitachi Seaside Park regarding visitors wearing face-covering suits, Japanese Twitter users flooded the park’s mailbox with requests for stricter rules to prevent similar incidents. in the future.

In response to public outrage, the national park quickly implemented new regulations to discourage such activities, prohibiting visitors from wearing costumes that conceal the wearer’s face. Toei Animation learned of the situation and issued a post on Twitter advising people to use caution around individuals wearing suits for unofficial greetings. The same message was shared by the official PreCure Twitter account.

In addition to the incident with the transgender individual, other reports emerged of encounters with suspicious costumed individuals in the park. One account detailed how a woman and her daughter were followed to their car by a costumed individual after the girl freaked out and began crying to avoid the situation.

After the incident was exposed on Twitter, the transgender man in the PreCure suit changed his username, made his account private and deleted all incriminating tweets. The situation has drawn attention to the need for greater awareness and regulation regarding costume-wearing behavior in public spaces.

And of course, all this did not go unnoticed in the comment forums:

  • «And it’s even sadder that they use the image of these heroines to do something so despicable».
  • «I am not a mother or anything, but I do understand these parents, not only because they can dare to do more, but also because one goes to the parks to have fun and not worry for a while.».
  • «Just when I thought they couldn’t screw things up again, these accidents happen. Just as they are not going to want to alienate the adult public from these franchises. At least they will start to ban these bots in the facilities, or at least launch official ones like the ones in Disneyland».
  • «How to permanently damage the image of a franchise in a single day».
  • «Ever since he wrote that girl’s handshakes and hugs turned him on, you know that things are already very cloudy. I hope they find the subject, it is not something that can stay like this».
  • «The concern of the parents is completely understandable, hopefully Toei will take action on the matter».
  • «Parents are not exaggerating, if I were a mother too and I read that the guy dressed in PreCure says he’s turned on by girls then it’s not only worrying, but dangerous».
  • «Why are the Japanese police one of the most useless in the world? They have the Twitter account ready and they could already have arrested the subject, but no, they prefer to hunt down subjects who upload episodes of anime, damn useless!».
  • «Japan never disappoints. And then they wonder why no one wants to have children there.».
  • «I hope they give him an exemplary punishment to set the precedent and so that no idiot can think of imitating all this».
  • «I don’t think it’s bad to dress up and go with people to make them happy, however, you will never know what the true intentions of the person behind the disguise are».
  • «I don’t like the idea of ​​doxing someone, but I hope they find this fucking pervert».
  • «I cosplay and I agree that people’s personal space should be respected. I respect boys and girls a lot, so as a responsible adult, I believe that nothing should be hugged just for the sake of it. If they ask you for a photo, just pose as the character you are characterizing and that’s it».

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