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Fans celebrate the most anticipated episode of One Piece

one piece he has a knack for granting Luffy miraculous victories against powerful enemies. When all hope seems lost, his plot armor somehow helps her achieve the impossible. Whether it was against Rob Lucci, Doflamingo or Katakuri, all of them were much stronger than the aspiring Pirate King and still faced ultimate defeat.

However, no other antagonist pushed Luffy to the limit like Kaido did. Kaido, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, is known to be “unable to die.” He is also the strongest Emperor with the alias King of Beasts.

Until now, Luffy’s powers were nothing out of the ordinary. Every shonen protagonist has something that makes them unique. However, Luffy only had a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit and very strong Haki. Even his Conqueror Haki is something that many characters possess. Therefore, despite being incredibly strong, Luffy was just a normal pirate.

But his transformation into Gear 5 changed all that. Luffy is the only character in the entire series to have a Devil Fruit that can change his properties after awakening. What was thought to be an ordinary Devil Fruit turned out to be a Mythical Zoan. The Gorosei referred to this fruit as the “most ridiculous power in the world” and erased it from the annals of history.

And that is what happened in the expected “Episode 1071” of One Piece, while Crunchyroll servers already look downWhat do the fans think about it?

one piece

Let’s review the comments:

  • «Well it seems that Crunchyroll and many anime piracy sites crashed due to many people trying to watch the new episode of One Piece. It certainly just broke the internet».
  • «Oh, my God! What is this animation? It is spectacular!».
  • «Oh my gosh, this is the pinnacle of fiction in all of anime history. I want to cry, you have no idea how long I had waited for this episode».
  • «You can not be! The Gear 5 in all its glory! And the sound effects are phenomenal!».
  • «The animation look like a Western cartoon, everything is perfect, omg! Is incredible! Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in this episode.».
  • «Luffy has really hit the top with this moment. Damn Gear 5 is here! The absolute form of shonen is available».
  • «This is the best episode ever, I do not accept arguments or contrary opinions».
  • «Crunchyroll went down from so many people trying to access it, the drums of liberation are beating!».
  • «Nakamas, thank God my illness has not beaten me I was able to resist a little more to get here».
  • «The animators, after finishing animating the chapter, will finally be able to see their family after 6 months».
  • «The second most iconic episode of One Piece, without a doubt».
  • «I can’t with how epic this is, Toei shined with this episode and I already hope to see the following».
  • «I just want to say that each chapter was worth it to get to this moment, almost a year ago we were beyond excited for Gear 5 and now seeing it animated is wonderful, the next chapters will be even better!».
  • «Nakamas, today is an excellent day to be free as our captain and leave everything that tormented us behind.».
  • «The ability to do what you want, the freedom. That’s life. That’s One Piece».
  • «The funniest and most incredible fight of all begins!».
  • «From now on, One Piece marks a before and after in the history of the anime, I know you will enjoy every second of the chapter».
  • «Here you can see how the animators had fun placing different drawing styles and animations. Absolutely everything was epic».
  • «This episode means so many things to us One Piece fans. Luffy with his Gear 5 represents what he has been looking for so much in a world with so much slavery, racism, social hierarchies, dictators, etc. This is Luffy reaching the ultimate form of freedom!».

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