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Bocchi the Rock!: Fans concerned about Kikuri’s low weight

In recent days, fans of the popular franchise “Bocchi the Rock!” have gone crazy arguing about a particular topic: the weight of one of the main characters. Is about Kikuri Hiroithe talented bassist and vocalist of the band SICK HACK. The recent release of a special material from the franchise included the profiles of the characters, and among them the weight of Kikuri stood out, which was recorded at just 43 kilograms.

The author of the franchise, Aki Hamaji, quickly realized that this information was becoming a trend and decided to address it. Through a post on his social media, Hamaji explained the reason behind Kikuri’s low weight and asked fans to wish him proper nutrition in the future. According to the author, “Kikuri’s low weight is because she never has money and can’t eat properly, poor Kikuri. May he eat a lot in the future, please…

Kikuri Hiroi’s official profile notes that she is one of the most popular adult girls among the fan base. During her college days with Seika Ijichi, Kikuri is known to be almost always drunk in most of the scenes in the series. Because of this, he is often fined for causing trouble, such as breaking equipment during concerts. This leads her to drink more liquor, and despite generating income from her performances, she always finds herself short of money.

The revelation about Kikuri’s underweight has generated a wave of reactions on forums and social networks, where fans comment and discuss the character’s financial difficulties and its impact on his health. Many are expressing concern about Kikuri’s situation and hope that future installments of the franchise will address her well-being appropriately.

“Bocchi the Rock!” continues to captivate fans with its exciting storyline and charismatic characters. The enigma of Kikuri Hiroi and her underweight has added a new level of intrigue to the story, and fans are eagerly awaiting further updates and developments in the life of this talented bassist and vocalist.

Aki Hamaji’s work has managed to capture the attention and hearts of fans of music and moving stories. Featuring memorable characters like Kikuri Hiroi, “Bocchi the Rock!” it has become a successful franchise that continues to expand and make a mark in the world of entertainment.

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