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Kyoto Animation will erect two monuments to remember their deceased

It will soon be four years since the arson attack on the first studio building Kyoto Animationwhich would become the largest mass murder in modern Japanese history, causing the death of thirty-six animation studio employees and injuries to another thirty-two. While the Japanese justice system is conspicuous by its absence, having not prosecuted the person responsible in these four years, the study says it is ready to go ahead with plans to build a monument in memory of the deceased.

Kyoto Animation

When the events occurred in 2019, the expressions of condolence were immediate and immense. While everyone agrees that it was an undeniable tragedy, there is disagreement about how best to honor and remember the victims. At the time, the president of Kyoto Animation, Hideaki Hatta, expressed his desire to erect a memorial at the site, something that was supported by the relatives of the victims. However, the idea of ​​a monument was not accepted by the residents of the area.

And it turns out that the first building of Kyoto Animation was not located in the center of a city with a resplendent building, but rather It was in a totally residential area. in the Fushimi neighborhood, in the city of Kyoto. Due to the latter, many residents of the area expressed concern that the construction of a monument on the site would begin to attract a flow of people to the area, disrupting the lifestyle of those who have lived in the neighborhood for years and are used to tranquility of the place.

Now, after years of debate and consideration, A lawyer representing a group made up of Kyoto entertainers and relatives of the victims has issued a written statement saying that not one, but two memorials will be installed, with only one of them accessible to the public.. Although the exact location has not yet been decided, the publicly accessible monument will most likely be erected in Uji, neighboring the city of Kyoto to the southeast and home to Kyoto Animation’s headquarters.

The planning committee wants it to be erected in a park or other public space, where it can serve to “preserve the memory of what happened, the lives of those who died and injured, and the prayers and support offered by people around the world.” . The design and materials that will be used have also not yet been set, but the committee has said it wants to avoid dark, somber colors and other elements that might suppress the existing aesthetic of the eventual site. Construction and installation costs will be paid for with funds donated to Kyoto Animation after the attack, in accordance with the studio’s promise not to use the money for commercial purposes.

The statement says that Kyoto Animation he also plans to create a memorial at the site of the attack. This monument, however, will be within the grounds of the company’s facilities, so it will not be accessible to the general public. Compared to other countries, Japan has very lax zoning laws, as evidenced by the fact that an animation studio was built just steps from people’s homes. At the same time, being mindful of the comfort of others is an important part of Japanese culture, and especially in Kyoto.

With the construction of two monuments, Kyoto Animation it can honor and remember the victims in the exact place where they spent their days before the tragedy and, at the same time, offer the rest of the world a place to remember them too. The committee hopes that the public monument will be installed on July 18, 2024, five years after the attack.

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