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Subject is arrested for entering the women’s bathroom naked

The Aichi Prefectural Police in Japan reported the arrest of a 22-year-old man suspected of having entered the women’s bathroom at Chayagasaka Station completely naked. The man in question is an alleged voyeur who also works as a temporary worker for a company in Nagoya City, and was arrested on charges of breaking into unauthorized premises.


According to the police report, the man is suspected of having entered the women’s bathroom at Chayagasaka Station on May 20 at 6:00 p.m. In response to the investigation, the subject admitted to the allegations, explaining, “I just wanted to get in there and watch women pee.”

The arrest was triggered after he was seen by a woman. This woman walked into the women’s restroom and saw a naked man inserting her phone into one of the stalls. The woman spotted the man, who temporarily hid in another cubicle, but since he was completely naked, she ran out of the women’s bathroom and into the men’s, where she had left her clothes.

The woman took the opportunity to inform the station staff that a naked man had come out of the women’s bathroom, and the station staff reported the incident to the police. Police station staff, who then went to the bathroom with the woman, assured the man that he had left the men’s room fully clothed and arrested him.

The curious incident did not go unnoticed on the comment forums:

  • «Well, at least he would have kept his underpants on.».
  • «The theory is that he was high enough to think that he would be invisible if he took off all his clothes.».
  • «If he hadn’t been naked, he still might have said he got mixed up».
  • «That’s why it’s better to stay at home watching porn».
  • «It’s easier to move when you’re naked, haven’t you noticed?».
  • «I find it disgusting».
  • «And the most important question, as always, was not asked. Why did she decide to get naked?».
  • «Did you really want to take pictures of women urinating? I don’t understand, couldn’t you look them up on the internet?».

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