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Oshi no Ko’s rating keeps falling

As we previously mentioned, the popular platform MyAnimeList was the victim of a hack by a fan of the franchise Serial Experiments Line. Before that, we had reported that Oshi no Koa series currently on the air, had lost the first position in the general ranking of the platform, but to date it has continued to fall until reaching ninth.

As of the writing of this article, Oshi no Ko has a rating of 9.04 points, based on more than 144 thousand reviews. Of all these, 4,808 are of only one point, while more than 83,000 are of ten points. Both cases do not make any sense, considering that a series of short duration cannot be evaluated without waiting for it to finish.

Oshi no Ko

In short, it is evident that a series in broadcast will vary its scores as it develops with new episodes. Will Oshi no Ko continue to lose points as the Spring-2023 (April-June) season progresses? Or will it have a spectacular return towards the end of its broadcast? It will be something that we will only know in a few weeks, although it is evident that the media momentum of the franchise continues to be high.

And what did the Japanese fans say when they found out that the series dropped almost ten positions? Well let’s review:

  • «In Japan’s entertainment world, disappointment is the norm.».
  • «revenge has come».
  • «As always, these are people who simply hate something for the sake of being popular.».
  • «Well, YOASOBI’s opening theme song is still extremely popular. But, is it for being YOASOBI or for being Oshi no Ko?».
  • «Definitely a good anime adaptation, with the right media presence and a community of fans that can even tell you outright that the story gets boring at one point. Everything Chainsaw Man Couldn’t Do».
  • «Well, with Aqua Hoshino getting closer and closer to her mental age, the matter of reincarnation is losing all meaning.».
  • «I’m just surprised».
  • «I think the decision for the first 90-minute episode was spectacular, unlike a certain series whose best production decision was to put in twelve different endings and forget to do the rest well.».
  • «I really don’t understand the taste of foreigners».
  • «What follows after the first full-length episode is something else entirely.».

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