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Oshi no Ko increases its sales explosively

As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, one of the main objectives of an anime adaptation is precisely the promotion of the original material, be it a video game, a light novel or a manga. That is precisely what is happening with Oshi no Kowhose immense popularity is already being observed in the effect that adaptation has on sales.

Or at least that’s what he wrote Mengo Yokoyarithe illustrator of the original manga, through her Twitter account:

  • «Aren’t copies of “Oshi no Ko” running out? I don’t have it confirmed yet, but it seems that the reprints will be released in mid-May. I know it’s frustrating not being able to read the original manga when you want to, but just hold on a little longer!».
Oshi no Ko

However, the author’s testimony is not the only evidence that sales of Oshi no Ko they are progressing excellently. It turns out that The Oricon medium revealed the ranking with the best-selling manga series during the month of April 2023 in Japanwhose first positions we can see below:

  • 1. SPY x FAMILY (Tatsuya Endo) – 1,166,761 copies sold.
  • 2.Blue Lock (Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura) – 760,557 copies sold.
  • 3. Oshi no Ko (Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari) – 680,052 copies sold.
  • 4. Chainsaw Man (Tatsuki Fujimoto) – 572,537 copies sold.

Regarding this list, it should be noted that both SPY x FAMILY as Chainsaw Man they released new compilation volumes, so the sales boost is mainly due to this. Oshi no Ko and Blue Lock they owe their momentum entirely to their anime adaptations (even surprising because the second one has already finished), and It really is considerable if you take into account that they reached the first three positions of the monthly list.

Anyway, it seems that the Japanese fans also had something to say about it:

  • «The nearby bookstores also sell out as the days go by».
  • «After the anime premiered, I was able to buy all the volumes released to date. But there were times when I had to wait for reprints».
  • «It seems that the first four volumes have disappeared. Awesome, I never find them available».
  • «It seems that they have sold much more due to the influence of anime, but it is also proof that it is an increasingly popular work.».
  • «The other day I had to buy the digital versions, I gave up looking for the printed books in bookstores».
  • «When I went to check, I only found the 10th and 11th volumes of the manga.».
  • «It’s amazing what an effect a well-done anime adaptation has!».
  • «I have had all the volumes in print since before the anime adaptation was released. Many friends have borrowed them from me since the series began, and now I understand that it is because there are no books available in stores».

Synopsis of Oshi no Ko

Sixteen-year-old Ai Hoshino is a talented and beautiful idol who is adored by her fans. She is the personification of a pure young maiden. But she is not all that glitters gold. Gorou Amemiya is a rural gynecologist and a big fan of Ai. Therefore, when the pregnant idol shows up at her hospital, he is perplexed. Gorou promises her a safe delivery. What he didn’t know was that her encounter with a mysterious figure would cause her an early death, or so he thought.

Opening his eyes on his beloved idol’s lap, Gorou discovers that he has been reborn as Ai’s newborn son, Aquamarine Hoshino. With his world turned upside down, Gorou soon discovers that show business is full of thorns and that talent doesn’t always bring success. Will he be able to protect Ai’s smile that he loves so much with the help of an eccentric and unexpected ally?


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